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SDCC 2013 Wrap Up

2013 San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) Feature Film Wrap Up

July 27, 2013  •   by Troy Dove    •    Subculture Comics

Well over 100,000 comic fans descended upon the Gas Lamp district of San Diego last weekend (July 18-24) for Comic-Con International’s annual convention. The San Diego Comic-Con has grown to become the world’s third largest comic convention drawing distributors, vendor, celebrities, news agencies, movie studios, and fans from all over the world to the four day Fan-Fest.

DC Comics and Marvel Studios delighted audiences this year with an array of release dates for upcoming products, including a line-up of feature films that stretches all the way out to 2015.

Keeping up with all the new characters, story arcs, and release dates for all these new feature films can be difficult, even for the most die-hard fan, so we have compiled a short list of some of the most important feature film announcements from this year’s event.

Feature Film News:

Thor: The Dark World: Attendees got a sneak peek at the upcoming film and had the opportunity to ask questions. Scheduled for release August 8, 2013.

Thor: The Dark World: Scheduled for Release August 8, 2013.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier: Attendees were treated to footage of the upcoming film and a Q&A session with members of the cast. Scheduled for release April 4, 2014.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier: Scheduled for Release April 4, 2014.

Amazing Spider-Man 2: Attendees got a sneak peek at the upcoming film and had the opportunity to ask Andrew Garfield (Spider-Man) and Jamie Foxx (Electro) questions. Scheduled for release May 2, 2014.
Amazing Spider-Man 2: Scheduled for Release May 2, 2014.

X-Men: Days of Future Past: Marvel revealed that Hugh Jackman's Wolverine would appear as the time traveler sent back through time to change history instead of Ellen Page's Kitty Pryde. Attendees got their first glimpse of the Sentinels. Scheduled for release July 18, 2014.

X-Men: Days of Future Past: Scheduled for Release July 18, 2014.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Marvel released the list of cast members for the upcoming feature. Scheduled for release August, 2014.

Chris Pratt as Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord; Zoe Saldana as Gamora; Dave Bautista as Drax the Destroyer; Lee Pace as Ronan the Accuser; Michael Rooker as Yondu; Karen Gillan as Nebula; Djimon Hounsou as Korath; Benicio del Toro as The Collector; John C. Reilly as Rhomann Dey; Glenn Close as Nova Prime

Guardians of the Galaxy: Scheduled for Release August, 2014.
Avengers 2: Age of Ultron: Marvel announced the new villain for the Avenger’s sequel will be Ultron. Scheduled for release May 1, 2015.

Avengers 2: Age of Ultron: Scheduled for Release May 1, 2015.
Superman: Man of Steel 2: In an incredibly well received bombshell, DC announced that Superman and Batman will team up in the Man of Steel sequel. Scheduled for release Summer, 2015.

Superman: Man of Steel 2: Scheduled for Release Summer, 2015.

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