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World's Oldest Book Found in Scotland

The World's Oldest Comic Book has been Scotland?

June 24, 2013  •   by Troy Dove    •    Subculture Comics

Most comic book collectors credit DC Comics for giving birth to the industry when they published Action Comics #1 in June, 1938. But, a recent discovery, from halfway around the world, may change what everyone believes they know about the origin of the comic books.

The world's oldest comic book was recently discovered in Glasgow, Scotland. The Glasgow Looking Glass, published in 1825, nearly 200 years ago, predates all other known comics.
The Glasgow Looking Glass, published in Scotland in 1825, is the World's oldest comic book. (Photo Credit: PA Wire)
While Golden Age comics (1930s-1955) get the most media attention, astute collectors know that comics began much earlier than the 1930s. Most of the comics created prior to 1900 were political or satirical in nature and appeared most often as single-frames or multi-paneled comic strips, more than in book form. This early period of comic art is labeled the Victorian Age. Examples from this era are rarely ever encountered and, given their rarity and value, they are not as widely collected as those of more recent eras.

The comic casts a satirical eye over 19th century Scottish society. (Photo Credit: PA Wire)
The Glasgow Looking Glass, casts a satirical eye over 19th century Scottish society, poking fun at the fashions and politics of the era and is considered a predecessor of Punch and other popular satirical comics of the Victorian Age. 

A scene from The Glasgow Looking Glass. (Photo Credit: PA Wire)
The discovery will be reported and discussed at the International Graphic Novel and International Bande Dessinee Society Joint Conference 2013 at Glasgow University this week (June 24, 2013).

The Glasgow Looking Glass is a predecessor of popular satirical comics of the Victorian age. (Photo Credit: PA Wire)
Dr Laurence Grove, conference organizer from the University of Glasgow, said: "Work being presented at the conference shows that not only is Scotland, and particularly Glasgow, right at the forefront of the comic book industry today, but it has been so throughout history. By hosting major events such as this we are really helping to re-conceptualise comic books. We're changing the cultural canon in a way."(credit itv)

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